Skills for Life Summer Camp 2020

Focus: Etiquette & Style

We invite your teenager to a unique virtual summer camp experience this year: a personal development and awareness training via Zoom through the month of July, two hours per day Monday – Thursday. Your teen will make new friends from various international backgrounds and learn about manners, etiquette and their own styles in a fun way.

They will come out of this with an inspired mind and a more refined self while still enjoying their summer break. In addition, your teen will benefit from a weekly one-on-one coaching session with one of the trainers.

Margrit and Chrissy are both experts in the field of image, etiquette and style with years of cross-cultural experience.


  • In English, for teenagers 14-17
  • Four weeks between July 6-30, Monday – Thursday from 11:00 – 13:00 (GMT +3)
  • Certificate is awarded upon camp completion

Best Price Admission for Booking 4 Weeks: 125 Euro/950 TL per Week*

For those who can absolutely not join for the full program:

  • 2 Week Admission: 135 Euro/1030 TL per Week*
  • 1 Week Admission: 145 Euro/1100 TL per Week*

Bring Your Friend Promo: sign up with your friend and you both receive a 10% discount:

  • 4 Week Bring Your Friend Promo Price: 110 Euro/836 TL per Week*
  • 2 Week Bring Your Friend Promo Price: 120 Euro/912 TL per Week*
  • 1 Week Bring Your Friend Promo Price: 130 Euro/988 TL per Week




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Skills for Life and Awareness Training

The approach of our teen etiquette course is different from that of a typical formal etiquette class for adults: The rules of global social etiquette are taught in a non-intimidating way via Zoom that is designed to resonate with teens and include them in active discussions and practical exercises. 

A trusted and experienced team of two experts will guide your teen through the process of learning about the importance of a high etiquette and its place in society, and at the same time learn in a fun and interactive way about modern manners for today’s fast changing world. Your teen will feel much more confident and have the skills for life to navigate through all kinds of different situations.

Want a peek into the curriculum?

Week 1-2: 

  • Group Building – Etiquette and History
  • Choices and Unchangables
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Social Etiquette
  • Verbal Communication Skill Training

Week 3-4: 

  • Party Etiquette – Skills of a Host 
  • Non-Verbal Communication Awareness Training
  • Looking good and how to get there
  • Social Media Etiquette – Telephone Etiquette – Netiquette
  • Appreciation and Certificate

Our main objective is to groom the children of today to be confident, respectful, sophisticated young adults who are not just in control of themselves and their actions, but who are also empowered with the ability to make good choices throughout each phase of their lives.  

It is summer, it should be fun and interactive, without the rigid rule-teaching approach you might find in a typical etiquette course!

We teach skills for life by:

  • Focusing on training your teen to have awareness of themselves
  • Giving your teen the tools so that they can make good choices in the different social situations they will find themselves in – the difficult ones they will face with their peers during their teen years, as well the situations they will face as adults
  • Coaching your teen on the correct social skills, dining skills, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills that they can put into effect today
  • Fostering your teen’s self-esteem and confidence by discussing how to look and feel radiant from the inside out
  • Helping define boundaries of what is appropriate and safe for teenagers in the world of social media and technology
  • Supporting each teen individually with a one-on-one coaching session at the end each week
  • Dedicating a session at the conclusion of the camp to appreciating each of our teen participants, celebrating their breakthroughs and awarding them a certificate of course completion
  • Providing additional opportunities for working individually with your child on their colors, styles, appearance, and makeup/grooming if desired

We are very aware of the complexities that can come along with raising your child in a cross-cultural setting. This course is specially designed for inter-cultural families, expats, international Turkish families, as well as those who desire for their children to be responsible and educated global citizens of this world.

Thanks to the online format of this summer camp, your teen will meet other teens from like-minded families and create hopefully long-lasting bonds with other positively influential friends across the world. We have space for 16 teens in this course, so don’t miss out and sign up now! Deadline for enrollment is July 2nd, 2020. 

Yours truly,

Margrit & Chrissy

P.S. Join us on an open Zoom Q&A session where teens and parents can meet Margrit and Chrissy and get more information on the summer camp, or if you have an urgent question, contact us here


Margrit Hunsmann

Chrissy Ramski Güleç

Chrissy Ramski Güleç

Chrissy is a personal style and etiquette expert born and raised in the heart of the United States. She found her calling in dynamic and diverse cities like New York City and her current home of Istanbul, Turkey, all while still holding true to her Midwestern ideals and values.

She has cemented herself as a community leader in Istanbul’s local and international communities, through her personal style consulting business The StyleIST, which she founded in 2012. Through her work, she assists others to rise to their highest potential alongside their own personal style and image journey, with emphasis on etiquette. She coaches others how to live an authentic life in harmony with who they really are, inspiring change through self-discovery from the inside out. The positive impact that she has on each of her clients fuels her passion to reach as many people as she can.

Chrissy draws a great deal of inspiration from her two small children. She’s committed to our future generation by raising well-rounded, sophisticated, and above all, happy kids. Thus, this has encouraged her to extend her business and services to teenagers on the cusp of mental, physical, and emotional maturity.

She’s excited to be fostering changes, from the inside out, to the youth of the world, through her summer etiquette course.  

Margrit Hunsmann

Margrit is the director of the STYLE Color Academy Eurasia, a branch of the Gutshof Akademie the German market leader in the field of image education.  

She is an expert and teacher in the field of style, image and etiquette and is working as a freelancing image consultant and life coach, both in Turkey and Europe. 

Margrit is German, married to Mark for 29 years, their 3 adult children are 23-27 years old. They raised their kids in Germany, Austria, Australia, Thailand and England and they are at home here in Turkey for more than 19 years. 

Margrit’s passion is to help people in discovering their design and lead them in their self-development process. She is a cultural coach and led an international TCK (Third Culture Kids) youth group for over 3 years – while being very involved in raising her kids in a cross-cultural setting. She has a passion for teens and so much to give and loves to invest in the future generation. 

The 5 Hunsmanns have humor, they even trained their dog, a Golden Retriever named Louis, in dog etiquette when sitting and waiting for his food or closing the door.