Your Individual Consultation

As the largest and most diverse international Image Consulting Group anchored in Turkey and Germany we are eager to find out how we can assist you. May the consulting packages below inspire you to get in touch with us so that we can build the most suitable consulting solution that totally fits your requirements.

Popular Consulting Packages

Bild zu Color & Style Premium Consultation

Color & Style Premium Consultation

Using STYLE Color’s unique color assessment system our consultant helps you to discover your individual skin tone signature and explains which colors and combinations are most favorable for you. In a similar way we’ll use STYLE Color’s style analysis tool to understand your original body design along with your individual character features like body language and voice tone to make recommendations in regard to your best cuts and styles. Your will receive your customized color chart along with a color and style guide with the results of your analysis (ca 7 hours in 2 or 3 sessions).

Bild zu Image Consultation

Image Consultation

The Image Consultation helps you to master the art of shaping a good first impression. You find out your color family (skin tones) and contrast level and how to use the psychological effect of colors in your different business scenarios. Understand the design of your body and which cuts are best for you. Know today’s global dress codes and when to wear formal, modern or casual business attires. Be able to dress up or down according to the occasion. This consultation empowers you to make most of your potential and subsequently become more successful in your professional roles (IC requires multiple sessions and usually starts with the Color & Style Analysis).

Bild zu International Business Etiquette Table Manners

International Business Etiquette Table Manners

In today’s globalised world cross-cultural competence has become a vital skill for international success. As we interact with business partners from other cultures we are facing many issues of cultural significance: Appropriate behaviour in business meetings and dinner invitations, communication styles, decision-making patterns, temporality, dress codes and so on. This consultation will be totally tailored to your needs and will prepare you perfectly for your upcoming cross-cultural business event (we recomment to allocate at least 2 days of 5h for this consultation, either one-on-one or small group format).

Tailored for Your Needs

Besides those exemplary consulting packages we offer a wide range of services from Hair Styling to a multi session Image Coaching for business leaders, public speakers or politicians.

Here is the list of services our clients typically request:

  • Color Consultation
  • Color & Makeup Consultation
  • Style Consultation
  • Color & Style Consulting
  • Wardrobe Planning
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Face Analysis & Makeup Consultation
  • Image Consultation
  • Image Coaching
  • International Business Etiquette and Table Manners
  • Bridal Assistance (consultation on dress, makeup along with assistance throughout the wedding celebration)

All those are flexible elements that usually get tailored according to our client’s needs.

Please contact us so that we can develop the best program together to meet your requirements!