Welcome to STYLE Color Eurasia

As member of STYLE Color’s international brand with headquarters in Germany STYLE Color Eurasia has been providing Style Consulting and Image Consulting Services in the Eurasia Region since 2011.

With our unique assessment tools and systematic approach both for academy and individual consultations we are setting the standard in our industry. Over the course of 20 years with approximately 50.000 private consultations we have constantly improved our curriculum which has resulted in a well designed series of training modules and supporting tools and materials.

Systematic and Accurate

Our style, color and image consultants are equipped with a wide range of STYLE Color branded assessment tools and resources guaranteeing consistent quality and enriching the user experience.

Some of our unique resources are:
• STYLE Color Color Analysis Set (consultant’s equipment)
• STYLE Color Style Analysis Method
• STYLE Color Customised Color Wheel (stays with customer)
• STYLE Color Customised Color Guide (booklet stays w/ customer)
• STYLE Color Customised Style Guide (booklet stays w/ customer)
• STYLE Color Customised Accessories Guide (booklet stays w/ customer)

Our International Team of Experts

As the German founders of STYLE Color in Turkey, Margrit and Mark Hunsmann and Barbara Linde have recently formed a new partnership with their longstanding colleagues Burcu Bardakci, Esin Altinpinar and Ebru Ölçer, three Turkish professionals who all have acquired significant international working experience (USA, Australia, Switzerland).

With anchors firmly secured in Turkey and Germany the consulting group STYLE Color Eurasia is serving customers in a large geographical area stretching from Germany to the Gulf Region (see graphic below).

Due to our large alumni network of more than 50 consultants STYLE Color Eurasia is represented in most major Turkish cities (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Gaziantep, Adana, Mersin, Eskisehir, …) and has native speakers in Turkish, English, German, Bulgarian and Azeri on board.

Training Hub Istanbul

Our courses are conducted at a central modern office location on the Asian of Istanbul. Please let us know if you need a hotel, there is a number of them close by.

We provide coffee and tea along with refreshments all day long during training days, and usually keep one hour lunch break where participants can eat at one of the many restaurants nearby.