Summer Specials For Teenagers

Make-up Zoom Webinar

For Girls Only
Max 10 participants
Wednesday, 29 July 2020 from 15-18:00 

Price: 40 Euro/ 300 TL

This fun seminar is about you! Do you want to:

  • Have a face analysis?
  • Learn what your assets are?
  • Get tips for your eyebrows? 
  • Explore your best lip colors and alternatives to lipstick?
  • Ask your questions about the right care products, powder, foundations, etc?
  • Learn more about tools and techniques?

If that’s you, sign up here!

Gentleman Training Webinar

For Boys Only
Max 10 participants
Thursday, 30 July 2020 from 17-18:00 

Price: 25 Euros/ 200TL

Guys, this is the chance for you!

  • Learn what all this ‘gentleman stuff’ means.
  • How girls tick.
  • Get ideas on how you could become a real gentleman one day.
  • Ideas where to start today.
  • And what impact it has on the girls around you. You will be surprised!

Make sure, you get a spot! Sign up here.

Color Consultation For Teens

The colors we wear affect the way we look and feel. The color design of your teenager is determined at birth and does not change throughout life. Therefore invest in her/his development and your teenager with this incredible visual experience! Book a 1-hour in-person color consultation:

  • Many teenagers tend to wear grey, black or non-colors to not stick out too much or they just follow the trendy fashion colors to be “in” and not to make any mistakes. Often they do not look their best in them, right?
  • Using a set of color drapes, we identify which color family she/he belongs to and how to dress in a color spectrum that brings the natural skin tones, hair color, freckles and eye color into radiance
  • Together with your teen we will identify their highlight colors, sporty colors, basic classic colors and message colors and show various color combinations 
  • As colors affect our energy and clearly give non-verbal clues, we teach your teenager how to use this valuable knowledge for photo taking, job interviews, dating scenarios or just to feel good and impress
  • We also take a look at the colors from a few items in your teenagers wardrobe
  • And the best is: your son/daughter will receive a personalized, pocket-sized color booklet for shopping to be able to prevent mispurchases in the future

Book a 1-hour Teen Color Consultation for 50 Euro / 380 TL now!

Style Consultation For Teens

Book a one-on-one 2-hour style consultation for your teen to make her/him more confident in her/his body. Your teenager will learn how to dress best for her/his body and personality type.

We as professionals encourage teenagers to give themselves time to develop their own styles over the next few years. But for the development of their self confidence:

  • It is crucial for them to know their proportions, best length, cuts, fabrics and how to manage any ‘problem areas’
  • We confirm their body design and give them advice about hairstyles, necklines, glasses, and jewelry styles which best suit their face
  • And how to properly accessorize using hats, belts, bags, jewelry and shoes based on their body design and personality
  • They will walk away with a solid understanding of who they are and how to dress for themselves!

Book a 2-hour Teen Style Consultation for 100 Euro / 760 TL